Mirjam Bayoumi has been working in the beauty and hair industry as a celebrity hair stylist and colorist for over three decades.

She is a world renowned educator and former Creative Color Director for leading brands including Wella, Loreal, and Swedish Royal warrant of appointment Bjorn Axen.

Her salon is in New York City on the Upper East side is where she works, has workshops or doing clients in Stockholm, Sweden. 

"Her expertise has taken her to all corners of the world to teach her technique and to inspire fellow creators. She is famous for doing beautiful natural colors, a technique she developed throughout her years of working with every type of hair, both on stage and in salon."


In my early thirties, my life took a turn. I started experiencing hair loss and other health issues and found out that had  an autoimmune condition. My sense of beauty started to link closely with wellness and I embarked on a holistic and clean journey towards better health. Speaking to clients over the years, I discovered many had the same or similar health concerns and was suffering in silence not knowing the full impact of using traditional hair and beauty products. My journey to developing a hair care line that is both clean and functional began.

Just like skincare, we really should be investing in the health and longevity of our hair. We need to prioritise clean, high-performing products that enhance our health. Healthy, vibrant hair is not a given. Hair as a living, regenerating filament from one’s skin, requires support and daily attention.

After 6 years of trial and error, and working with a renowned laboratory I can finally say the plant-derived formulations in my products promote clean healthy and youthful hair. Staying true to my partly Scandinavian influences, I also focus on simplicity and functionality to make haircare less complicated. We meet the unmet needs of the health-conscious client.

Bayoumi New York Stockholm was born with a mission to create the ultimate hi- performance anti-aging, non-toxic hair care regimen. The entire line is 100% cruelty-free and contains none of the nasty stuff, like harmful sulfates, parabens or gluten. 



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